Power Electronics 3rd Edition by Rashid – Book

Power Electronics 3rd Edition by Rashid

The power electronics circuits devices and applications by Muhammad H Rashid is one the most popular book in the university for power electronic course, if we want to mention the good positive side of this book which is a good reason to read it, it would be; covering the main syllabus of power electronics.

This book has over 881 pages that it shows you can learn anything from this book for power electronics.

What will I read in this book?

This state-of-the-art book covers the basics of emerging areas in power electronics and a broad range of topics such as power switching devices, conversion methods, analysis and techniques, and applications. Its unique approach covers the characteristics of semiconductor devices first and then discusses the applications of these devices for power conversions. Well-written and easy-to-follow the book features many worked-out examples that show the applications of conversion techniques in the design and analysis of converter circuits. Chapter topics include power semiconductor diodes and circuits, diode rectifiers, power transistors, DC-DC converters, pulse-width modulated inverters, Thyristors, resonant pulse inverters, multilevel inverters, controlled rectifiers, AC voltage controllers, static switches, flexible AC transmission systems, power supplies. DC and AC drives, gate drive circuits, and protection of devices and circuits. For individuals in interested in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering.

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Book details

Number of pages: 602

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Language: English


Power electronics circuits devices and applications table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Power Diodes and Switched RLC Circuits
  • Chapter 3: Diode Rectifiers
  • Chapter 4: Power Transistor
  • Chapter 5: DC-DC Converters
  • Chapter 6: DC–AC Converters
  • Chapter 7: Resonant Pulse Inverters
  • Chapter 8: Multilevel Inverters
  • Chapter 9: Thyristors
  • Chapter 10: Controlled Rectifiers
  • Chapter 11: AC Voltage Controllers
  • Chapter 12: Flexible AC Transmission Systems
  • Chapter 13: Power Supplies
  • Chapter 14: DC Drives
  • Chapter 15: AC Drives
  • Chapter 16: Introduction to Renewable Energy
  • Chapter 17: Protection of Devices and Circuits
  • Appendix A: Three-Phase Circuits
  • Appendix B: Magnetic Circuits
  • Appendix C: Switching Functions of Converters
  • Appendix D: DC Transient Analysis
  • Appendix E: Fourier analysis
  • Appendix F: Reference Frame Transformation
  • Bibliography
  • Answers to Selected Problems
  • Index




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