Power Supply Cookbook by Brown

Power Supply Cookbook by Brown

Power supply, a special device for producing or absorbing energy, is a vital device for everyone in their lives; so you can see it everywhere which is necessary for our personal devices.

Because of the importance of power supply in our houses, many of these devices which have been manufactured need maintenance services; consequently, many engineers are needed for repairing or diagnosing; however most of these devices are so strong that we can call them die-hard.

A power supply can be charged provided that we consider this feature for it; nevertheless some kinds of batteries are inherently chargeable; moreover you should be careful while it is charging because, explosion is possible; therefore on 30 November 2000 companies established a standard to test power supply qualification to prevent inherent explosion; nevertheless these days are quite safe; however, a few of them are not.

We can, of course, make a power source by our-self provided that, we study enough about it. Surely one day a power sucrose will be made that; finally, people can use it at least for 1 year without any further charging.

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Power Supply Cookbook, Second Edition provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step design framework for a wide variety of power supplies. With this book, anyone with a basic knowledge of electronics can create a very complicated power supply design in less than one day. With the common industry design approaches presented in each section, this unique book allows the reader to design linear, switching, and quasi-resonant switching power supplies in an organized fashion. Formerly complicated design topics such as magnetic, feedback loop compensation design, and EMI/RFI control are all described in simple language and design steps. This book also details easy-to-modify design examples that provide the reader with a design template useful for creating a variety of power supplies.

This newly revised edition is a practical, “start-to-finish” design reference. It is organized to allow both seasoned and inexperienced engineers to quickly find and apply the information they need. Features of the new edition include updated information on the design of the output stages, selecting the controller IC, and other functions associated with power supplies, such as: switching power supply control, synchronization of the power supply to an external source, input low voltage inhibitors, loss of power signals, output voltage shut-down, major current loops, and paralleling filter capacitors. It also offers coverage of waveshaping techniques, major loss reduction techniques, snubbers, and quasi-resonant converters.

Power Supply Cookbook was written by a practicing design engineer for practicing design engineers. Through designing power supplies for many years, along with a variety of electronic products ranging from industrial control to satellite systems, I have acquired a great appreciation for the “systems-level” development process and the trade-offs associated with them. Many of the approaches I use involve issues outside the immediate design of the power supply and their impact on the design.

Power Supply Cookbook, Second Edition has been updated with the latest advances in the field of efficient power conversion. Efficiencies of between 80 to 95 percent are now possible using these new techniques. The major losses within the switching power supply and modern techniques to reduce them are discussed at length. These include synchronous rectification, lossless snubbers, and active clamps. The information on methods of control, noise control, and optimum printed circuit board layout has also been updated.

As with the previous edition, the “cookbook” approach taken in Power Supply Cookbook, Second Edition facilitates information finding for both the novice and seasoned engineer. The information is organized so that the reader need only read the material for the degree of in-depth knowledge he or she wishes to acquire. Because of the enclosed design flow, the typical power supply can be designed schematically in less than 8 hours, which can cut weeks from the expected design period.

The purpose of this book is not to advance the bastions of academia, but to offer the tried and true design approaches implemented by many engineers in the power field. It offers advice and examples which can be immediately applied to the reader’s own designs.


Key Features

Guides engineers through a step-by-step design framework for a wide variety of power supplies, many of which can be designed in less than one day.

Provides easy-to-understand information about often complicated topics, making power supply design a much more accessible and enjoyable process.


Book details

Title: Power Supply Cookbook

Page Count: 278

Author: Marty Brown

Edition number: 2

Publisher: Newnes

Language: English


Table of Contents for Power Supply Cookbook;

  • The Role of the Power Supply within the System and the
  • Design Program
  • An Introduction to the Linear Regulator
  • Pulsewidth Modulated Switching Power Supplies
  • Waveshaping Techniques to Improve Switching Power Supply
  • Efficiency
  • Appendix A. Thermal Analysis and Design
  • Appendix B. Feedback Loop Compensation
  • Appendix C. Power Factor Correction
  • Appendix D. Magnetism and Magnetic Components
  • Appendix E. Noise Control and Electromagnetic Interference
  • Appendix F. Miscellaneous Information




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