Reactive Power Control in Electric Systems by Miller

Reactive Power Control in Electric Systems by Miller

Reactive power, volt-ampere reactive (var) is a unit by which reactive power is expressed in an AC electric power system, what exactly it is? Honestly, the answer is unclear altogether.

If it is, so why we learn how to calculate to compensate it?

Yes, we learn how to calculate reactive power at the bachelor degree, but those mathematic equations managed to just work around 5% in a real situation.

Can you tell me why it is unclear?

Of course, because we know that we have only two kinds of powers; active, and reactive; however, we have three kinds of them, in reality, the third one is still new to us.

Reactive power is a challenge for electrical engineers; as a result, we have new papers about it every month.

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I propose to you; you should never underestimate reactive power; further, if you want to find your answers, you should not follow either the books or the teachers; consequently, you have just one option check the recent papers.

Reactive Power Control in Electric Systems that is written by Timothy John Eastham Miller is one of the old and basic books about reactive power, if you want to understand the principle of this kind of energy it could be a good choice; otherwise, because of new problems in reactive power this book is quite old; thus, In spite of this is a good book, you need to read the papers.


First of all, you should be friend with them! Because understanding the reactive power will be easier after you have worked with simulation software; shortly, remember that software complements an engineer.


Book description

A unified approach to the fundamental principles and practices of reactive power control in ac power systems. Emphasizes voltage control, variable loads and transmission. Covers high voltage and distribution systems, plus compensation equipment. Includes many practical numerical examples and useful formulas. Deals with real-world problems and solutions.


Book details

Title: Reactive Power Control in Electric Systems

Page Count: 381

Author: Timothy John Eastham Miller

Edition number: 1

Publisher: Wiley India

Language: English



Table of Contents for Reactive Power Control in Electric Systems;

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Reactive Power in AC Power Systems
  • Chapter 3: Reactive Power Role in AC Power Transmission Systems
  • Chapter 4: Reactive Power Compensation in Energy Transmission Systems With Sinusoidal and Nonsinusoidal Currents
  • Chapter 5: Reactive Power Importance in Wind Power Plants
  • Chapter 6: Reactive Power Control and Voltage Stability Problem
  • Chapter 7: Reactive Power Control and Voltage Stability Problem
  • Chapter 9: Modern Solution for Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation
  • Chapter 10: Optimal Placement of Reactive Power Compensators in AC Power Networks
  • Chapter 11: Reactive Power Optimization in AC Power Systems
  • Chapter 12: Implementing Reactive Power Optimization Using Digsilent and Matlab
  • Chapter 13: Multi-Objective Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch Considering Uncertainties in the Wind Integrated Power Systems
  • Chapter 14: Reactive Power Optimization Effects on Relays Coordination in AC Power Systems
  • Chapter 15: Communications for Electric Power Systems
  • Chapter 16: Scada Applications for the Electric Power System
  • Chapter 17: The Effect of Geomagnetic Storms on the Electricity Networks
  • Chapter 18: Electric Transmission Lines Environmental Impact Monitoring




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