Solar Panel Books

Solar Panel Books

These days climate change is one of the most important issues for humanity, the time at which you are reading this article is not important because you can already see its effects now!

Saudi Arabia as the biggest oil-producing country will run out its oil around 90 years later, its time becomes closer when they hardly trying to extract more oil every day in order to make more money.

So for an ordinary country, it is vital to seek renewable power sources, actually this kind of energy complements their future; as a result, we see European countries that start this way, for example, Germany after 5 years succeed in getting the first rank of the renewable power source in Europe.

The Sun, the biggest source of energy, has been available every single day and of course free of charge! Therefore, scientists are working on new projects; so that, to turn the ordinary cell into a high-efficiency cell.

As a power engineer, it is necessary to understand how these solar panels work; consequently, how you can build or manage them.

Solar Electricity Handbook – 2017 Edition

The Solar Electricity Handbook is a simple, practical guide to using electric solar panels and designing and installing photovoltaic PV systems.

Now in its new edition, assumes no previous knowledge of solar electric systems. The book explains how photovoltaic panels work and how they can be used. It provides a step by step guide to successfully design and install a photovoltaic solar system from scratch.

The Solar Electricity Handbook is published by Greenstream Publishing Limited. It is available from Amazon and all good booksellers.

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Why buy The Solar Electricity Handbook?

  • The Handbook is a simple, practical guide to using electric photovoltaic panels.
  • The book is suitable for enthusiastic novices and professionals.
  • Clear examples, diagrams, and example projects are provided to demonstrate the true capabilities of these systems.
  • The Handbook is updated yearly, providing an up-to-date reference for anyone planning to use electric photovoltaic technology.
  • It is the most comprehensive book on photovoltaic electric systems available today.
  • It is backed up by the most powerful online calculator tools available, to make your design and calculations as straightforward as possible.
  • With comprehensive detail in our book for wherever you live in the world, the Handbook provides you with information that is relevant to you and your project.


Solar Cells: Operating Principles, Technology, and System Applications

The history of solar cell development is briefly outlined, and the properties of the sun and solar radiation are reviewed. Properties of semiconductor materials that are important in the design and operation of solar cells are reviewed. The physical mechanisms involved in the generation and recombination of excess carriers are discussed and the basic equations of device physics are given. Both the dark and illuminated properties of p-n junctions are analyzed. Energy conversion efficiency limits are discussed for the photovoltaic process as well as the effects of various nonidealities on efficiency. Techniques for measuring the efficiency of photovoltaic devices are also described. The standard technology for making silicon solar cells is reviewed, and improved silicon cell technology is discussed. Considerations relevant to the detailed design of silicon cells are discussed. Several alternative device concepts are outlined and the structure and properties of solar cells made on some of the more developed alternatives to single-crystal silicon are discussed. Concentrating systems and photovoltaic systems components and applications are described. The design of stand-alone, residential, and centralized photovoltaic power systems are discussed.


     Direct Download Link For; Solar Electricity Handbook: A Simple Practical Guide to Solar | 4 MB in size

     Direct Download Link For; Solar Cells: Operating Principles, Technology, and System Applications | 12 MB in size


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